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Infrared thermal imaging is the only diagnostic technology that lets you instantly visualise and verify thermal performance in real-time.

We provide a thermal imaging service for industry, domestic and commercial businesses and properties as well as Equine.

Surveys are non-intrusive, enabling inspections to be completed safely without affecting your normal day-to-day living or the operation of your business.

We have worked with local County Council's, nationwide builders, major welsh public venues such as the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff and International manufacturing companies to help identify electrical issues and with over 25 years’ experience in electrical engineering & manufacturing and trained to ISO 18436-7, we can tailor the surveys around what is best for you, your home or facility, therefore personalising the experience.

Our Surveys can help you Save Energy, Identify heat loss, Increase Efficiency and Reduce Unscheduled Downtime.

Survey Reports are structured and any deviation from the norm is identified with a severity rating and a recommendation for corrective action.




Thermal imaging is a major contributor to improving safety and identifying problems before they happen in the workplace. 

Power and lighting distribution boards should be checked annually or biannually. Some insurance companies require a thermal imaging survey to be completed to help reduce their losses, especially public venues. Vibration and thermal stress can cause connections in power distribution systems to loosen, contamination can corrode these connections; both factors increase the resistance of the connection making every connection a potential candidate for overheating. Furthermore, if the problem is allowed to persist, a situation called “glowing connection” can arise which can generate significant heat WITHOUT tripping the safety protection on that circuit.

Fire avoidance: Loose or overloaded circuits can arc, get extremely hot, melt cable insulation and eventually catch fire. Thermal imaging can instantly identify this, with this information you can then replace or repair the components before they fail, reducing or preventing facility downtime and/or costly repairs.

The best way to keep up this predictive & preventative maintenance is by incorporating them into a regular condition-based monitoring program, this, in turn, will reduce or even eliminate unplanned shutdowns. 


Infrared inspections of mechanical rotating equipment can identify excess heat caused by friction and wear. Some friction induced heating is normal in mechanical systems, but when it increases above typical operating temperatures, it can be a leading indicator of wear and a predictor of component failure.


Thermal imaging detects this heat and identifies problems while they are in their early stages, preventing a catastrophic failure. Early detection provides your maintenance the opportunity to take corrective actions to prevent failure and downtime.

Pumps, gears, bearings, gearboxes, conveyors couplings and heat exchangers etc


Numerous homeowners all over Wales and the West have benefited from a domestic property survey, which informs the owners of issues such as heat loss and missing insulation, which can lead to condensation and mould, which is extremely harmful if breathed in. Take early action moisture infiltration, which if left unchecked can cause breakdowns in the roofing before evidence of water is ever found in the building.


Energy prices are continually rising, thermal imaging surveys can tell you exactly where the problems are occurring.

Heat loss & missing insulation: drafts from roofs, windows, brickwork, plasterboards, doors & damaged or inadequate seals. Thermal bridging: mould growth, damp, condensation, trapped moisture & water ingress.

Electrical connections are also checked for overheating, electricity is the leading cause of house fires.

Hot tubs are getting more and more popular, they draw a lot of electrical current, it is important if they are wired into the household ring that the connections are not loose and potentially dangerous.

Make your home and business warmer, safer and help retain its value. Please click here and see our Facebook page for our domestic thermal imaging survey service.


Steam systems provides process heating, pressure control, mechanical drive and component separation in industrial facilities.

Significant economical losses can result when steam is lost from the system through leaks. Usually caused by piping failures and steam trap failures.

Thermal imaging eliminates the need for random,destructive and often expensive excavation.

Infrared thermal imaging can locate steam pipes very quickly.


Equine Thermography can help highlight issues such as back problems and pain, hoof balance and foot problems as well as joint and skeletal problems.

  • Infrared is a great tool for being able to see what exactly is going on under the skin, unlike x-ray soft tissue condition can be monitored.

  • No contact, so no harm or additional stress is put on the horse. No trailers are needed to obtain infrared images, Survey performed at your location. 

  • Infrared images can then be analysed by your veterinary expert for analysis for early detection of any ailments or anomalies which means treatment can then be administered early; treatment and improvements can then be monitored.

The IVIS (International Veterinary Information Service) has published a two-year research study conducted by Tracy Turner (click here to view) on racehorses; concluded that thermal imaging was a very helpful tool to aid in the diagnosis of lameness and could detect areas of injury up to approximately two weeks prior to the horse exhibiting clinical symptoms.

The price of an equine scan is very reasonable and we can apply a discount for multiple horses.

Please visit our Equine Facebook Page here



Below are videos and images of issues detected in Electrical circuits, Domestic, and Commercial properties, as well as Equine using infrared thermal imaging.


"I carried out a fire risk assessment and used CSH Thermal Imaging for finding areas that I couldn't access to establish if there was any hot spots.

Great service and highly recommended."

Anthony J

Glasgow, UK

"Highly recommended- Chris was very prompt and thorough; he identified the problem very quickly, and provided helpful suggestions in terms of a solution. Reasonably priced and very competent service".

James K

South Wales, UK

"Overall very happy with the service, and the results, a good detailed report showed that Chris had found a small leak above my kitchen in the attic and a huge hole in my attic roof tiles. Very polite great service would recommend to friends and family".

Howard W

Swansea, UK

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